Monday, 17 March 2014

A Lonely Lighthouse

Painting on paper (watercolour)
Title - A Lonely Lighthouse
© Shubhankar  Adhikari 

This is a fully imaginative work created by me last week. It was the result of the inspiration  I had gained  by visiting a lighthouse in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh.
In the Indian coastal side , we can get these types of lonely lighthouses  standing firmly against all the climatic disasters. This is quite inspiring to me. When I visited Visakhapatnam last January , I noticed two light houses there.

First time in my life I had entered into a lighthouse in Visakhapatnam .  I perched the top of the the lighthouse to see the "Bay Of Bengal" from here. A breath taking view of the sea  was waiting for the visitors . I captured many shots . Cool gentle breeze was passing by. The day was sunny. I was deeply motivated by the scenic view from there . The Lighthouse is situated on the hill top. The big ships were looking like a small ant from there. 

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